Wednesday, January 5, 2005


I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I know that they work for some people (my in-laws quit smoking 3 years ago after lifetimes with the habit) but for me they feel trite and ineffective.

Nonetheless, this year I made a few resolutions. They aren't New Year's Resolutions, I tell myself, but are rather Resolutions to Get My Life In Order Before I Go Back To Work or Beat Myself Up Over Getting Older and Not Having My Life Be the Way I Hoped it Would Be. Catchy, no?

1) Go to bed at a reasonable time, most of the time
2) Exercise more
3) Write lots

I especially like the way they're not "SMART" goals. Nary a measurable one in the bunch!

Well, the first was out. It's a holiday, for heaven's sake. Belongs in December with the rest of 'em. On the second I didn't do too badly. I exercised. And while I didn't "really" write, I blogged and decided to count that to make my stats look better. Nothing like getting off to a good start. On the third I exercised and blogged again.

Today, well, yesterday, I was crabby and exhausted from the lack of sleep. So tonight I forwent exercise and writing and fell into bed at 8:30. Of course I woke up at 12:30 after a reasonable amount of sleep (better than I've done all week!) and am still up, reading blogs and eating spray cheese out of the can. Alas. Tomorrow (today) will indubitably suck. Isn't it always the rainy, sleepy days when the baby won't nap? Feels like it.

Looking over at the Recent Posts, it occurs to me that recently this blog has become very . . . er, mama blog. Not that there's anything really wrong with that. It's just that the political entries and essay-diatribes tend to take more time, thought, and energy than I can summon on fewer than four hours of sleep.

Before I go off to hang out with my faithful buddies Strunk and White in the hopes that they will soothe me to sleep, let's look again at the last line in the previous paragraph and smile about getting "fewer" hours of sleep rather than "less". Who needs to get all riled up about politics and the willfully ignorant when there are so many grammatical errors begging for attention? I'm sure that this post itself offers a veritable cornucopia of such errors for those inclined to point them out.


  1. And of course you realize I misplaced that modifier just to make you feel better. Really. I did.

  2. Oh, how I love other editors! Grammatical errors or no, I'll keep coming back. :)

  3. I bought The Elements of Style when I was pregnant. I wanted to make certain we were a well-grammared household. I still haven't read it, but my son carries it around with him all of the time.

  4. Psycho Kitty, hah! Yeah, whenever I comment on grammar I feel self-conciously like everyone is critiquing my grammar and thinking, "Who the hell does she think she is, anyway? Didja catch that split infinitive?"

    Trisha, I love the picture I have in my head of your son carrying around the grammar book. You just know that out of nowhere one day he will look up at you and say, "Mother, I would prefer the peanut butter and jelly over the grilled cheese today, if you please."

  5. Yes! And with a British accent.

    Or French. He watched that Madeline all of the time.