Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Post Hiatus

I'm back! I'm sorry to have been gone for so long, and with no warning. There were many reasons I was away: moving the computer from the kitchen table into a back bedroom, sickness, tiredness, company, travel, family, moving the computer from the kitchen table to a back bedroom . . . but when it comes down to it, there's one real reason I stayed away.

Everything I thought of writing, whether I hoped to be funny or clever or anecdotal or just to say hi, everything I composed in my head sounded negative. Sniping, nasty, mean, negative. And I didn't feel like being that way, so I stayed away. I drowned myself in fiction, and it felt good. I'm still in a heavy reading phase, and I'm still feeling good.

Last weekend was good too. Paul, Ellie, Lizzi-pug, and I were up in Iowa for a family reunion - Paul's side. I had extremely low hopes for the event, so I couldn't help but be pleasantly surprised. And indeed, the weekend was restful, rejuvenating, and fun. There are some really good people in that family.

One of Paul's cousins had twins 3 days after Ellie was born, and it was indescribable to see the three one-year-olds together. Her mother, Paul's aunt, loves to tie-dye. She made color-coordinated, huge shirts for everyone in the family, with each individual family unit getting a matching pattern. The result was stunning. I offer proof:

To top things off, here's a shot of Ellie with her cousins. See what I mean?


  1. So glad you are back. Don't leave us like that again. You were sorely missed. Now I am green with envy. (So "j") I want my family's tie-dyed tee-shirt. It will be the next plaid pattern for Scots!

  2. Welcome back!

    All I can think of when I look at those photos is "Oh, my". I sound like a granny saying it aloud.

  3. Glad you're back!

    I'm also glad to see that my husband's family is not the only one who does shirts for gatherings. However, your shirts are far cooler...

  4. It sounds like your fiction get-away was needed. I loved the pictures of the tie-died reunion, what a colorful bunch and the three 1 y.o.s together is precious.

    Isn't wonderful to have a family reunion and to get to 'know' family members that you really didn't 'know'. Sounds like a great time and I'm glad you are back.

    Peace, Tara Marie & Emma Sage

  5. Hey, welcome back!

    Awesome family picture. :)

  6. Glad to see you back!

    Does Ellie have a new haircut? It's very flattering on her :)

  7. Hey! You had us worried! Don't *do* that! (finger wag, finger wag)

    Glad you're back and feeling less negative. And wowee wow wow! as Junie B. would say--those shirts are groovy!

  8. Oh, those shirts and outfits are awesome!!!

  9. I am nuts about those shirts! NUTS! Sarahlynn, you are soooo pretty! Man!

    Ellie is so precious. Awesome family you have there.

  10. So glad you're back. Fiction is good therapy for me too.

    Groovy pics!

  11. Glad you're back. I was worried!