Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Space, Your Space

So, I have a MySpace page now. I set it up a week or two ago, for "networking" (according to my profile). I've gotten some very cool "friends" already, including extended family and friends I knew in jr. high, high school, college, and after that. I don't plan to do any more with it, other than to check my page once in a while to read messages and check up on MySpace "friends," but it was worthwhile to set up.

Anyway, I got a friend request recently from someone who, according to her profile, likes to read, but isn't much of a book person, and prefers to read magazines, actually. That's two readers who don't read books I've encountered in under two weeks! This must be a new fad.

Next time someone asks me what I like to do, maybe I'll answer that I write. But I don't like sentences. I'm mainly writing lists these days. To do lists, specifically.


  1. Makes perfect sense to me. I love to read but it's not something I have much time for (okay so I don't make it a priority!). Life, mainly home, family, job seem to get in the way. So it's often hard for me to get through a book. BUT, there are several magazines I enjoy and I can usually get through an article or two at one time.

  2. I think I would list my occupation as princess.

  3. Some people prefer magazines and newspapers. Either they have shorter attention spans, actually prefer non-fiction to a good, real-life-escaping plot, or there's just something wrong with them. I guess nobody's perfect :)

    As for my current occupation, I sit in front of a computer and do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. I've heard that used as the definition of insanity, but in my work group, apparently it's called "testing". I think they may both be right.

  4. I totally get not having time to read books. In college, I didn't let myself read anything outside of class-related materials, because I know how I tend to get obsessed with books. (Then on breaks, I gorged myself with fun fiction.) After Ellie was born, I didn't read a book for 6 months, with the exception of baby-related reference checking.

    I also understand a preference for nonfiction over fiction. I enjoy nonfiction myself (and I write it, too, so it's nice to hear confirmation of market interest). I could liken this preference to mine for NPR over commercial music radio.

    I just think it's unusual and interesting to list "reading" as a favorite hobby, then say, "magazines, not books."

    Most of us don't work 20 hours a day and sleep 4, day in and day out. So there must be *something* we're doing in our non-work time, at least on occasional weekends or when the kids are in bed. Sleeping for fun, watching TV, painting our nails, something. But maybe those hobbies don't sound as impressive as "reading," even if by "reading," I mean the back of my cereal box.

    Because Bride magazine? And those glossy celebrity rags? That's not about the reading, as much as it's about the subject matter and the pictures. So related hobbies might be wedding planning, or celebrity/fashion-watching. I think everybody likes some kind of fluff sometimes.

    The New Yorker on the other hand, does have an awful lot of good writing in it. Fiction and nonfiction. It's a great read when I want to really read but don't have time for a book.

  5. I have a myspace for the same purpose. Under chasmyn - what's yours?