Monday, March 5, 2007

Did I Mention?

Ellie loves to put her hand up beside her mouth and "call" for one of her parents. She often does this in public places, sometimes when she's holding daddy's hand and mommy's only a few feet away. She thinks this is hilarious (and she's right).

Lately the game has a new twist. She now calls her daddy "Paul" when she's calling for him. And there's nothing more adorable than Ellie at church, calling down the long aisle for, "Paul! Paul!"

Oh, also, I didn't get into my first choice grad school. Alas.


  1. Sorry about grad school. Where ever you attend will be lucky to have you!

    That is so cute! NSBH will do that to her dad but not to me. She'll always call "daddy" first but then holler his name if he doesn't answer.

  2. I'm sorry about not getting into your first choice, I know how hard that is. I hope your second choice comes through for you and that wherever you end up, it _becomes_ your first choice!

  3. Thanks, CCW and SK. I knew it was a real long shot this year. I have higher hopes for next year, and a different first choice school too. I ended up having to slap my applications together at the last minute and couldn't apply to a couple of programs I liked this year. Next year I hope not to have such a horrific fall/application season.