Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dry Coughs and No Sleep

I'm exhausted, and I can't bring myself to think anymore about sleep and potty trials tonight, let alone write more about them.

Instead, I'll say that the Paul & Sarahlynn Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows couples' read got off to a rocky start, with Paul falling asleep in the middle of the big escape/battle scene at the beginning, and not being able to stay completely awake through the end of that chapter the next night, either. We rallied tonight, however, and are up to Chapter 8: The Wedding. For the record, the correct reaction to Voldemort flying beside Harry - broomless! - is not a sudden and unintentional head bob.

I'd also like to compliment the wonderful, thoughtful, selfless administrator who decided that it would be a good idea to start school in the middle of August. I'd forgotten how much easier it is to have just one child for a few hours in the morning. Especially as the other child comes home afterwards exhausted and wanting to - nap!

Before I go, a word on my mad mothering skillz: I can now multitask. Specifically, I can sing familiar lullabies to a baby who needs soothing while simultaneously reading. Reading Newsweek, that is. I do tend to stumble and miss lyrics when I read something startling or distracting. But still, it's a pretty cool skill when dealing with a rough patch. I've long been able to perform various parenting skills at once, like nursing Ada while reading to Ellie, or dancing to music while holding a baby and picking up scattered toys, but this new skill allows me to have something very like leisure time. Huh.


  1. You're ahead of me, I cannot read and do anything else simultaneously anymore. I used to be able to read and watch TV and keep up with both, but apparently those days are over! I can, however, multi-task like a mad woman regarding picking things up and remembering who needs what at the same time etc. That's a skill that is handy indeed!

    I just finished HP7 over the weekend and I already miss it!

  2. I think exhaustion significantly cuts into all kinds of concentration!

    I don't want Harry Potter 7 to ever end. (So we'd better slow down; we're flying through it now!)

  3. Yah, when I was laid off at Mosby, I considered working at a 900 number because I knew I could do that at home while cleaning the kitchen and filing my nails. We women multi-task beautifully. Seem you are using your skills for good instead of evil. Hope you get some sleep.