Monday, March 31, 2008

And The Winner Is . . .

Keribrary with her suggestion about a dye job! I've given up on an amusing anecdote as an opener. No matter what I do, this story seems to want to start with an argument, so it will. And the hair color conversation at the beginning, while appearing trivial, will introduce the story's most significant conflict and be the biggest (yet still subtle) clue to whodunit until the big reveal at the end.

Ecoeclipse gets the honorable mention for the eco-guests suggestion, two of whom are important characters in this scene and throughout the book.

As Keribrary's prize, she gets to have a possibly unflattering caricature of herself written into the novel! Keri, your choice: appearance, name, personality, or the whole package. Just let me know in comments.

Thank you to all who made suggestions, especially Keri!


  1. I've certainly been involved in "heated debate" over a dye job. It was actually highlights, and I guess my short hair does not allow for comprehension of highlights. My naturally red hair makes all dyeing out of my real of reason!

  2. Sorry I didn't get to play. Moving, finding a car, children sick have all been distracting me from my normal routine. If you need a brainstorming session, I'm always game.

  3. Ooo! I'm so excited! You can pick and choose from the whole package as needed. I guess I just ask that you change the name. My middle name is Ann, if that helps. Or you can go with the first idea of pet's names and call me Ginger after one of B's dogs. :)

  4. Oddly enough, Ginger is already a main character. No worries, though, I know exactly what I'll do with you . . .