Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's Alright to Cry

I'm going to do my Friday Photo blogging on Monday this week, to maximize cuteness.

In the meantime, I sold another short story (this one to an anthology) am finally over half done with my novel, have several essays out on submission, and am still loving my daytime writing time.

Speaking of which, Ada is done crying at separations now. I know this both because she's stopped crying when I leave her at school (Kids Day Out two mornings a week) and in the nursery at church, but also because she told me so. "Mommy, no mo' cwying." Sweet, sweet baby.

Then she fell down and skinned her knee, was upset for a moment, asked for a kiss to make it feel better, then struggled to gain control of herself. "No cwying," she said emotionally.

"Oh, Ada, sweetie," I said. It's OK to cry. It's alright to cry whenever you get hurt, or feel sad or angry. It might just make you feel better!"


  1. Ok, that was totally unexpected and totally worth the click!

  2. I grew up with Free To Be You and Me and I love love love it!

  3. oh! i should have known free to be you and me in video on you tube! i've never seen the video - i just know all the words to all the songs and some of the spoken word stuff. (it's on my ipod and i don't have kids - thats how much i love it!). you just made my day :)

  4. Kids or no kids, it's a great listen! Who isn't inspired by the story of Atalanta?

  5. I have FTBY&M on DVD. The first time I sat down with my kid to watch it, he was underwhelmed and I was emotionally overwhelmed. It was a big part of my childhood.

    One thing I learned: Wow, Harry Belafonte is a beautiful man! I didn't notice him when I was a kid.

    And brava for Atalanta! I love that retelling of the myth.

  6. Love the video! I haven't heard that in years! I'm always having to tell my second daughter the same thing, "No, no, honey, you can cry all you want if you're hurt or afraid, just not if you're like....wanting me push your cup closer to you and stuff like that!"

  7. Orange, we listen to the CD in the car sometimes, and Ellie (who prefers music) is underwhelmed with the spoken word pieces. We took her to see a live show (the local theater group was performing the musical) when she was about 2 and she LOVED it. To my delight. But I don't think either of my girls would watch the DVD.

    Lynnie, yeah, Ada sometimes just cries and cries and yanks on my clothes and whines when nothing's seriously wrong and apparently I have gone overboard with the "please don't cry" talk. I need to be more specific . . .