Wednesday, January 10, 2007

40 Weeks

This morning, after dropping Ellie off at school and enjoying my weekly visit with my OB, I took my writing sample to School #1 - application complete. A few minutes later, on the way to pick Ellie up from school, I put my writing sample into the mail for school #2 - application complete. Applications for schools #3 and #4 are due a few weeks from now, so . . . pressure's lessened! I can take a couple of days off. Perhaps to labor and deliver, for instance.

Today was my due date, which is of some importance because my doctor is reluctant to let me go too far beyond it. Fortunately, our talk of an induction next week quickly became talk of a non-stress test and ultrasound for size instead. He acknowledges the concerns with both tests, but feels they do offer some value.

And . . . there's some concern about this baby's size.

See, apparently most women measure about a centimeter a week for fundal height during pregnancy (from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus) until about week 33 or 34. Around then, it starts tapering off.

Not only have I been measuring ahead of dates, the growth rate has not slowed significantly. My freakishly large belly has continued to grow so that I'm currently measuring 42 weeks. I do have a family history of measuring large and having normal sized babies. But there's still some concern here. So. Maybe a big baby, maybe just a really really big belly.

I had some professional pregnancy photos taken recently, and they are amazing. I mean, this belly . . .

At church last week, a woman sitting down the pew from me suggested that I take my belly up for the Chat with the Children, because surely it was big enough. Hah! No, really, it was funny. Another woman congratulated me for having the nerve to wear plaid (a skin-tight jumper, because even my too-big-everywhere-else maternity clothes strain over this belly). For the first time ever, my belly button is actually an outie. It's impressive, amazing, and commented on everywhere I go, all day, every day.

So I asked my doctor which home-grown induction methods actually work. He suggested only one that is at all proven. So. Paul's brushing his teeth. This belly and I better go intercept him before he falls asleep.

Tomorrow we'll try Mexican food, Splenda, and probably more of the doctor's orders, if things don't get moving on their own. Pleasant dreams!


  1. That homemade induction method? There's a secret behind it. It's the testosterone in the semen that starts the labor, not what you would think. So I suggested that my husband "turkey baster" the damn stuff in there so I could sleep. I highly recommend that course of action.
    Good luck, SL. Let us know as soon as it happens. Blog from the birthing room!

  2. I tried that with all 3 and it never worked but it sure was comical since I'm not the least bit amorous at 40+ weeks.

    I tried everything with all 3. Nipple stim would get the contractions going but I could not do it long enough for it to start on its own.

    In the end, all 3 were induced. Good luck to you! I hope the baby comes soon.

  3. Weren't you telling me about Raspberry tea over Christmas? Seems like now is the time!

    I'll send you an email with my other comments. :o)

  4. I am sorry, but I both laughed and cringed about the idea of taking your belly up for chat with the children.

  5. Oh my, your belly sounds impressive! I do wish I had professional preg pictures taken, I'm glad you did! I do hope the natural induction methods work for you! For me, I just needed a time that was REALLY inconvenient (like D had been coaching softball ALL day at a tourney and I hadn't slept in about 36 hours). Perhaps that brilliant strategy might work for you too? :)

    Fingers crossed for natural delivery of a not-too-big baby with minimal pain and intervention.

  6. You sound so happy. I'm so happy to hear it.

    I took a L-O-N-G walk with #2. That worked. But your method is more fun--and consider the gymnastics! You'll be a yogi soon...

    Blessings to you & yours!

  7. Good luck! Thinking good thoughts for you and family :)

  8. That particular induction method is supposedly what brought #2-Son "early" (is any kid "early" at 9 pounds?) but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been feeling amorous (and I was) had the hormones not already kicked over.

    Daughter was the only child with which I had a genuine, enter-the-room-before-I-did Belly. I carried both boys like I was wearing a barrel under my maternity clothes; was still wearing "regular" clothes, just in a much larger size, as late as 7 months. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why there were all those "pregnant lady can't get up out of a chair" jokes. Then I had to deal with carrying Daughter.

  9. RHE, I think it's supposed to be both the orgasm and the prostaglandins in semen. So that sounds a lot more fun than the turkey baster!

    CCW, I'd forgotten about the nipples!

    Rob, good point about the tea! And as for the other thing, well, I assure you that it wasn't in the shower!

    PPB, me too, me too.

    Anne, I'm trying. Really trying. Thanks. : )

    Thanks, Thistle!

    Camera, I wonder what I'd look like carrying a boy? I sure am ALL BELLY with this one. And, no, 9 pounds is none too early!

  10. I forgot to say, Thanks, SeasonalKat!

    With all the grad school applying and Paul keeping me company, we were both pretty sleep deprived for a couple of days. Fortunately, we got a good night's sleep last night. The softball tournament sounds inconvenient indeed!