Sunday, January 7, 2007

No News is Good News

Ellie was due on Wednesday, and I went into labor the preceding Friday evening. New Baby is also due on Wednesday, so it wasn't a big surprise when I started having unmistakable signs of labor late Friday night. After an hour or two, I woke Paul up.

I wasn't ready! I told him. It really hurts! I told him. I need to go into the office for just and hour, and nail down the recommendations for my grad school applications, and . . .

Drink some water, he told me. Then he walked around the bed, picked up my glass of water, added a straw, and held it to my lips until I'd done so.

After we'd talked for a little while (who to call in the middle of the night to watch Ellie? How inconvenient that my mom was unusually far away that night, up in Michigan with my also-pregnant sister) the labor, surprisingly stopped.

And I slept. And all was well.

On Saturday, I had my pregnancy massage (ahhhhhh!) and went into the office for an hour. I accomplished everything I needed to accomplish, then headed home and worked hard on grad school applications. I've completed the online application for 3 of my 4 schools (one school's online application is down this weekend but it's not due until February 1, so I'm not concerned yet). I just need to read over my personal statement, write a teaching statement for one school, and polish my writing sample. Then it's all ready to go.

Which means that . . . I'm about ready to go!

Except, perhaps . . . I do have a project at work that I should do more on. And I need to send out a postcard notifying my neighbors of the upcoming annual trustees meeting. And I am behind on thank you notes and . . .

Well. I don't think it's ever possible to be done, or ready, do you?


  1. I wish I still lived in town because I would rush over to watch Ellie if you went to the hospital. Really, I would. My daughter is still in town from college if that helps? I can hardly wait to hear about the new baby so take your laptop to work and give us a blow by blow description in your blog. OK???

  2. Inconvenient, sure, but that's what friends are for. If you need us, we're available. Any time.

  3. Send Ellie our way, we'd love to have her for a while.

    Is this that last rush that happens in those final days? You seem awfully busy and energetic for a 40+ weeks pregnant person.

  4. Oh, poop! I was hoping when you updated it would be a baby! But now that I've read your post, I'm glad that you got the extra time!

  5. Phone me if you can't get ahold of anybody Ellie knows; I'll email the phone number.

    I was completely ready for #1-Son, and surprised about #2-Son who was offically two weeks early but was 9 pounds so I don't think so, although Hubs had called it when we went to bed that night. I was ready physically and emotionally but not in a clothes-out, room-set-up way for Daughter.

    It might be a shame we didn't have any more kids, because I finally got the "knowing that you'll be going into labor" signals down pat.

  6. I'm thinking about you! Hang in there. They are only ready when THEY are ready.

  7. No updates yet! And no time for a new blog post tonight. Tonight was another night of grad school applications. I was spoiled by my first two schools, both of which have impressive online applications. I didn't realize how impressive they were until I got to schools three and four, unfortunately . . .

    RHE, I'm trying to imagine it now. "Ouch! Crowning! &*%&^&%R^%R%^R!!!"

    Mypetrock, we might very well take you up on that. Thanks!

    CCW, I don't feel energetic!

    PPB, I'll hold off on another update, then . . . still no baby.

    Camera, I'm convinced that I'm controlling this by force of will, in part.

    MissKrob, I'm still waiting patiently!

  8. "Who to call?" - are you serious, lady?! Can you HEAR Scott?

  9. I'm thinking about hearing Scott at 3:30 am! Surely that would be less pleasant?

  10. Every day I check, hoping for good news. I never felt ready for either child, not like "okay, this is all settled, bring it on". Of course I only went into labor with #2, and I was still not convinced for a long while that it was labor.

    I wish you a smooth journey towards having that baby, with absolutely NONE of the drama that I had with mine. I can't wait to hear that everything is A-OK and that you're holding that babe.

    And for the record, are you INSANE for thinking of grad school now? I just finished taking one single night class through WU and it about killed me. Let alone a full on program. Saralynn, you're a superwoman apparently! :)

  11. Thanks, SeasonalKat. I'm sure thinking about what you went through with #2 lately . . .