Monday, April 28, 2008

I've Always Loved Playground Rhymes

In honor of National Poetry Month:

Can do
Won’t do
will do too.
I want
you want
to see this through.
I see--you and me
stuck here in this glue.
We’ll be
you and me
‘til this lie is true.

© 1997


  1. Ahh, excellent. Y'know, sometimes the poetry gets lost on me, and sometimes it comes at a perfect time in my day. Thanks for this!

    Oh, and not that you should think that this is the ONLY reason I'm commenting, but you've been (randomly) tagged in a meme:

    Cuz I know you'll put down all your important blogging for an easy entry!

  2. Thank you! (Also, all those links? Totally not easy!)