Friday, May 9, 2008

Fiction Cred

Blog? Blog? Blog!

Sorry for the unexplained absence; we just got back from our delayed vacation visiting Paul's parents in Wyoming. We had a lovely time. I'll probably write about that, and about the cute new things the girls are doing, and about the step sheet I'm working on.

But, tonight, I want to tell you that I've had a story published. Yay! It happened really fast. I submitted the story a few weeks ago, got an email yesterday that it was accepted, and saw it posted online today. Yippee!

Enjoy the new fifteenth edition of apt: an online literary journal.

Self portrait:


  1. I loved it! What a wonderful piece, I could really feel the wind and I could see myself in a lot of what you wrote. Thank you for sharing, and congratulations!!

  2. Yay! Congratulations. I will go check it out!

  3. Sarahlynn,
    I found your blog several days ago, following links...and I can't get enough! I'm also a mom of two and trying to learn how to refer to myself as a writer. Loved the story, and congratulations on the publication! Great blog!
    :) Elissa

  4. Thank you, Tracey, Mary, and Liss! I am having so much fun with the writing.

  5. Liked it Sarahlynn. Good stuff.
    Stay with the dream.


  6. Congratulations......going to read it right now!!!

    and I LOVE the self portrait!!!

  7. Thanks, Mike. : )

    Tara, it's an odd thing, but I can't do happy endings. I wonder if that's what's plaguing me about my current WIP: I know there's a scary happy ending looming on the horizon? My fiction tends to be much . . . darker.

    Also, thanks. If I don't occasionally point the camera at myself, there'd be no pictures of me!