Monday, May 19, 2008

New Schedule

I can't blog tonight, because I'm supposed to be sleeping. Tomorrow begins my first attempt at getting up to write early in the morning. I haven't tried this before because my girls also get up early - sometimes as early as 5, never as late as 7 - which puts an early morning exclusive parenting burden on Paul. He's willing to try shouldering it a few mornings a week, so we're off on the experiment.

Now I just need to get some sleep so that I have at least a solid 4 hours before tomorrow. Snore. (And I think Paul will soon be regretting the fact that he's not in bed yet, either.)

In the meantime, I'd still love to hear what you think about fanfic (below) so I'm using this opportunity to introduce my first blogger quiz. Happy Monday!


  1. Oi! I realize that one out of many may be so close to 0% as makes no odds, but it still isn't 0%, and I don't appreciate being shown as 0% when I bothered to vote.

  2. Likewise. My first vote (ambivalent) showed up as 0% too, and I was, like, hey, I created the damn poll, that should at least count for something!

    I don't love the Quibblo poll tool; I think I'll use another one next time. It may be possible to see the results without voting each time (?!) but I haven't figured out how. Likewise, I'd be curious to know the totals rather than just the percentages, without having to log into the Quibblo website and dig around.

  3. Hey...shouldn't you be in bed? :) Good luck with your writing mornings!