Thursday, June 26, 2008

Emailing and Blogging

How many email accounts do you use? (Check out the handy poll to the right.)

I have 5 different email accounts that I use. These are all current accounts and none forwards to another; if I want to see what email has arrived at, say, the account I use for friends and family only, or the one I use for online ordering, etc. I have to log in and check that account individually.

In addition to all the other usernames, accounts, and passwords I have scattered about the various computers, subscriptions, and internets of the world, it's a bit much, really. But it can be so very helpful to see who's got what information about me and how they're using it.

I've not got much else to say tonight, because I want to go to bed and I've been busy elsewhere.

I'm a big believer in truth, especially in writing. As you're all aware, I share some pretty naked stuff here and, if you've read them, in my personal essays. I respond to real, soul-baring truth in others' writing and strive to achieve it in my own. And while I don't publish my home address at the top of each post, I don't really blog anonymously, either. Friends, church members, and my mother-in-law read my blog, amongst others.

So I've been experimenting with a little anonymous blog-like public writing elsewhere, and that's been a little fun.

Because while I'm comfortable standing naked before you, a gal's got to keep a few secrets, dontcha know. And in today's world, it's possible to keep secrets while sharing them openly. Brilliant! How perfect for the modern inhibited exhibitionist.


  1. We've got one for online orders, one for utilities and use our Gmail for "real" emails. Mix that with the numerous I have at the office and I spend a lot of time on email. :o)

    I've begun to think about an "anonymous" blog, but have just never gotten around to it. My issue is much less friends and much more office mates. Hard for me to blog about looking for a new job when I have not given indication that I'm leaving this one.....!!

  2. Yes, exactly. And it feels so . . . fake not talking about the elephant in the middle of the room, when you're otherwise blogging your life, doesn't it?

  3. I'm still pretty new to the blogging balance. I don't like to censor myself while writing, but there have been times I've thought, "Oh, wait, I shouldn't say that 'cause so-and-so is reading." The co-workers are actually not so bad for me, but two days ago my mom asked me for the link, and I kind of balked. Not 'cause there was anything there I didn't want her to read, but because I didn't want her in my head while trying to write more in the future.

  4. Oh, yes! The people in my head are the editors I fight against most desperately.

  5. My browser and your poll aren't getting along. I think I have 4. One is our famiy address that i'm pretty restrictive about handing out. I have two at yahoo--one related to my blog, and another that I actaully check that gets all my spam and ordering stuff. The last one is from that was supposed to work with our tv/internet account but is really just another yahoo account (for some reason, my husband's att account is the only one with the power to use any of our services).

    My worries about anonmity (sp?) these days are more about my kids. All too soon, they will be readign and going to school, and what happens when one of their friends stumbles onto my blog and finds me writing about their potty training issues? At some point I will have to stop blogging about them or start a new blog with pseudonyms or something to protect their privacy.

  6. Yeah, two weeks or so into my blogging all about parenting, and I went to google and put in my first name, plus my kids' first names, and there it was. So I changed to pseudonyms for them, just to make it a little more difficult to find.