Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Have a Cold

Saturday night found me curled up in bed with my laptop, reading an erotica e-book. It was research, I swear. No, really, it was. And here's how you know. My cold is stuck at that obnoxious nose-running-like-a-faucet stage, which prompted me, once all witnesses were safely asleep, to shove Kleenex up my nostrils. What's less sexy than that?!

I am so tired right now, but before I can post this and go to bed, apparently I need to reinstall Internet Explorer. I am seriously considering getting a Mac next time.

While I'm drifting hazily on exhaustion and thinking about technology and how much it can suck, I'll mention that it's absolutely not comfortable to curl up on my side in bed while reading my laptop's screen. And this is why I don't think that e-books - while they serve a valuable role in the market and can be quite convenient - are going to completely replace books anytime soon.

Sure, there are e-readers that are less cumbersome than laptops or PCs. But those are expensive little devices that require occasional recharging and internet connectivity. And they're a lot more costly to replace than a $6.99 paperback left in an airplane. They're also a little harder to share. So, sorry, I can't slip you the erotica e-book that I just finished, or at least not legally.

To recap, I'm tired and I have a cold. G'night.


  1. Try Firefox. :)

    I can't believe you admit to reading erotica. I could never admit such a thing on my blog, if I did, which I don't, because my kids were immaculately conceived, and I didn't have to be in any kind of a sexy mood whatsoever at the time. Um.... right.

    This is why I need a secret blog.


    Amy @

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon! Summer colds are the worst.

  3. Amy, I do have Firefox (also) but I have two different IDs and I hate logging in all the time, so I keep one Google ID logged in via Firefox and the other through IE7. I'm thinking of switching so that my primary is Firefox, though!

    I'm not a regular reader of romance, romantica, or erotica. It really actually was market research. I can't say that it was an onerous chore, however!

    I do like the occasional naughty story and am enjoying watching this market develop. ;-)

    Thanks, Anny. Today, I think I'll live. Especially if given a day or two completely OFF with no reason to get out of bed except to get food or powder my nose. As that's not likely, I hope to be back to 100% by the weekend.